Less Opinions, More Jesus

Less Opinions, More Jesus
As I was reading the Word this morning, I was overwhelmed by how much our nation needs Jesus. 😭 We need HIS truth.We need HIS grace. ☝️ And we need HIS love. ❤ Not as many opinions, our hearts just need Jesus. ❤
Jesus told me this morning through His Word to “Go work in the vineyard.” As I prayed over this, I heard “People need Jesus, just go!” ☀️
This was from Matthew 21:28-32, the parable of the 2 sons. One son was a “fan”, loved the idea of doing the right thing but didn’t follow through, didn’t “follow.” He was a “fan”. The other son said NO, maybe he had bad intentions, but he did follow in the end and followed through with the right thing. He was a follower. ❤
It doesn’t matter how far we are from God or how ugly our sin is, we can ALWAYS choose to follow Him. ☝️ THAT is how powerful His love and grace are. THAT is my Jesus and He loves you and me SO BIG! ❤ ❤ ❤
Sometimes in our world today, I get so overwhelmed when I look around me. I want to help. I want to go. I want to act to love like Jesus. ❤ But where do I even start? Today, I was reminded to do what’s in front of me, do the RIGHT thing in the small ways, and LOVE who is right in front of me for the glory of God. ☀️ It doesn’t matter if it’s at the gas station or the grocery store, the baseball game ⚾️ or walking down the street — even here, I can love those right in front of me and choose to do the right thing. Every person is His child who Jesus willingly died for. His grace is enough. ❤
❤Lord, thank you for your grace though we are so undeserving. Keep our eyes on you, above. Please help us to be the follower who chooses the right thing that honors you each day. Oh how we need you Jesus. Amen. ❤
If you need someone to talk to, please reach out to me or Paul. We’d love to listen and to pray for and with you!

Author: slw22

Hello friends! I'm Shannon. Some of my favorite things are: Jesus, my husband Paul, my sweet little ones, garage sale-ing, traveling, testing out new recipes, crafting, saving money, CoLlEgE fOoTbAlL (Go gators and bulldawgs!), and a good, cold glass of sweet tea! Though life can get crazy, I strive to keep my eyes focused on Jesus while loving on and blessing others. I have found that through blessing others, I always end up being blessed. You just can't outdo God. :)

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