The Sunshine After the Rain: How to Cheer up Sick Kiddos

My littlest is not a very happy sick girl.

Recently, both of my littles were sick a the SAME TIME.  On top of that, it lasted almost 3 weeks!  It was insane, and at the end of each day I was at my whit’s end.  Runny noses, constant coughing, excessive whining, lack of sleep, and lots of tears left me extremely exhausted and drained!  In addition to filling and refilling humidifiers, I was praying constantly for my little ones.  It was almost as if I was in a very dark tunnel constantly bombarded by new obstacles with no light within sight.  But just when I thought there was no hope and we would be stuck indoors forever, there was a small beams of light shining through to give me hope!

These small beams of light came in the form of popsicles (specifically the orange ones!) and cartoons for brother, playing peek a boo for baby sister, and REST for all.

Sweet boy with his orange popsicle!

Between colds, upper respiratory infections, and stomach bugs, both of my little ones were extremely sick, not resting or eating well, and constantly throwing up.  I tried everything- similac, the BRAT diet (which usually works for us), homemade soup- everything!  Still, my little ones were sick and MISERABLE.

Beam 1-Orange Popsicles: Usually a great eater, my son would not eat anything!  So desperate, I bought a box of popsicles.  Still, he didn’t want them until he discovered how much he LOVED the orange ones.  Not cherry, that wouldn’t do.  Must. Be. Orange.  He was excited to be eating a popsicle for lunch, and I was just excited he was EATING!

Beam 2- Cartoons: Still, no matter what my son did he would get sick.  He wouldn’t leave the couch, and it just broke my heart. He had a high fever, was throwing up constantly, and absolutely miserable.  So you know what that means?  Cartoons!  He was so excited about cartoons ALL. DAY.  And, I was just thankful to see him content and somewhat happy.

Beam 3: Playing Peek a Boo:  My poor sweet, happy baby girl was ANYTHING but happy.  She was snotty nosed, consistently coughing, not sleeping, yelling profusely, and having a hard time keeping food down.  I tried and tried to cheer her up and calm her down, but she continued to cry and cry.  And then, I discovered that if I jumped toward her while playing peek a boo, she would laugh!  Like a circus clown, I did this over and over again to keep her laughing.  Brother noticed how happy it made her and insisted he try it too.  We were both so happy to have her smiling again!

I know, you’re bummed this video is not of me..but I’m not. 😉

Family cuddles on the couch while watching cartoons (minus the picture taker 🙂 )

Beam 4: Rest: Though those endless nights and long days seemed to draw on and on, God always provided a little rest in between.  And when the sickness did FINALLY pass, both littles and mommy were finally able to rest and recover!  Oh, how we take rest for granted when we aren’t running on empty!

Those LONG three weeks reminded me that when we face hard times and feel very overwhelmed, just like I was feeling in the dark tunnel with on hope, God is STILL our hope and He will ALWAYS provide small glimpses of his light to give us hope.  Psalm 23:4 tells us, “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”  There is always a promise that we won’t walk alone.  The God who allowed us to face the trial will get us through.  He is your HOPE no matter what you are facing.

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